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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

**Includes an all plastic duck head for installing when working with fragile, high end wheels --normally an option with other suppliers All metal air valving throughout machine
Now capable of accepting helper arm (optional)
Easy fill oiler, limits wear on internal parts
Air filter/quick drain water trap with adjustable regulator
Heavy duty no flex 28" turntable, 110 volt electric power for forward and reverse, air power for clamping
Self Centering Clamp with stepping function
Quick Inflation Device for tubeless tire (bead blaster)
Precise inflate / deflate air gauge and hose
Rubber Padded Mount/Demount Tool (duckhead)
Includes reservoir for rubber lubricant
Includes plastic protectors for turntable clamps
Optional adapter for motorcycle
Angle of duckhead can be adjusted


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