2012 BMW K1300S Gets a Lift on the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift at Hamberg’s Motorcycle Service

Thanks to Jeff for sharing this great pic with us on Facebook of a 2012 BMW K1300S getting a lift on the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift at Hamberg’s Motorcycle Service in Orange, MA.

“Got the new lift today thanks to Clark Heintz and NH pro equipment for the great service. It was so easy to assemble even a 7 year old could do it. It is everything you said it would be and more. Even so easy to assemble my 7 year old son did most of the work.”
-Jeff, Hamberg’s Motorcycle Service
Orange, Massachusetts

2012 BMW K1300S getting a lift on the PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle Lift at Hamberg’s Motorcycle Service in Orange, MA.

Elevator 1800 Lifts ATVs, Spyders at Southern York County Power Sports Repair in PA

Thanks to Evan at Southern York County Power Sports Repair for sending some nice comments about his Elevator 1800 ATV UTV lift table. He tells us, “Been using the lift I got from NHPro for a few months, works awesome! πŸ‘ Very happy with it. Also referred a friend to buy one because he liked it.”

Check out the Elevator 1800U ATV UTV Lift Table.

Evan posted a bunch of great pics of some of the vehicles he’s serviced up on the lift. Here are a few of them:

Polaris Scrambler 500 4×4 on the Elevator 1800 Lift

Can Am Spyder F3 on Elevator 1800 Lift

Polaris Scrambler 400 ATV on Elevator 1800 Lift

Yamaha Kodiak ATV on Elevator 1800 Lift

Yamaha Kodiak 400 ATV on Elevator Lift


This 1000lb capacity 1/2 ton transmission jack is on sale for $425. Call 603-234-2612 or visit 1298 Rte 3A in Bow, NH. You can also check out this product online at www.nhproequip.com/pro-tools-8050-12-ton-transmission-jack


Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
Double Speed Pump
Min-Max Height: 33 1/2” – 71”
2 Stage Ram
Stroke 1st Stage: 18.9”
Stroke 2nd Stage: 18.3”
Net Weight/Shipping Weight: 137 LBS./190 LBS.


2 Stage Ram
360 Degree Rotating Work Table
Forward/Back, Side/Side 4 way Tilt Table
4 Swivel Casters
Foot Pump
71” Rise

From Full Size John Deere Tractors to Toys, the mower / tractor lift tables lift it all!

So, we were going through some customer photos and got a chuckle out of one particular submission that we appreciated! I was specifically looking for John Deere tractor photos – we have a couple of lifts that accommodate these lawn tractors very well and I like to show off our customer photos so people can really see how the lift works with these particular lawn maintenance vehicles. Our Elevator 1800M Lawn Tractor / Mower Lift and our PRO 2500M Mower Lift. As we went through our large collection of customer photos, we found this beautiful one submitted by Bryan H., of Greenville, SC:

And then I found this gem, submitted by Gene L., of Klingerstown, PA, who tells us his kids like to see their toys up on the lift! We love ALL the submitted John Deere tractor photos – toys or not!

For more info on the 1st lift shown above, visit Elevator 1800M Mower/Tractor lift table
For more info on the 2nd lift shown above, visit PRO 1200SEMAX Motorcycle lift table.

Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set Review from Richard in Oregon

We want to thank Richard in Adams, Oregon for posting this very nice pic of his Phoenix Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Set to Facebook. When we asked him what we thought of it, he replied, “Best purchase I made. Both are working perfectly and make the job so much easier.”

This Phoenix Tire Balancer set includes an auto entry (for distance and diameter) wheel balancer that features self calibration, OPT and fine balancing modes, and much more. Includes 4 cones, among them a large cone and spacer that will handle up to 7 1/8” center hole wheels, such as F350, and much more. Specs at a Glance: Motor Power: 110V / 60 Hz; Max Wheel Weight: 154 lbs; Rim Width: 1.5 – 20″; Rim Diameter: 10 – 24″; Balancing Accuracy: +/- 1 g; Balancing Time: 6 – 9s.

Tire changer features all metal valving throughout machine, Includes an all plastic duck head for installing when working with fragile, high end wheels, and heavy duty no flex 26″ turntable. Specs at a Glance: Power Supply: 110V; Motor Power: 1.5 Hp; Air Supply: 0.6 – 1.0 mpa; Rim Clamping Range: 12 – 24″ outside 13 – 26″ inside; Bead Breaker Force: 5500 lbs; Max Wheel Diameter: 43″; Max Wheel Width: 15″.

Check out the Phoenix PWC2710 and PWB1530A Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer Set here.

Car Rotisserie/Rotator Review from Kevin in Newton NH

Thanks to Kevin in Newton, NH for his comments on his new PRO CR3000 car rotator / rotisserie. He says, “Love my rotisserie, hopefully buying another one soon.”

The CR3000 car rotisserie has a heavy duty balancing system and securely locks at any angle. It features 4 16″ mounting arms and a 3-piece telescoping center bar that adjusts to 25′. Includes 2 6600lb. capacity jacks to adjust working height.

Here are some photos of Kevin’s restoration work using the car rotator:

John Reviews his new CRX Series 72″ Rolling Toolbox, Compares to Snap On Tool Box

When we develop new products under our own brand name, it’s always a challenge to get the word out. Clark is a former top selling Snap On employee, so this isn’t his first rodeo. He understands customer needs and has been working hard to develop a toolbox line that offers great quality, added features, and a price that works for everyone. Our CRX Series toolboxes are built by Extreme Tools. They are a modified version of Extreme’s RX Series. We’ve upgraded a number of features and kept the price low….win-win! But getting the word out is another story. People gravitate to brands they know. We all do that. Tried and true tends to win out.

Which is why we were so happy to stumble on this great review on Facebook, posted by one of our customers about his new CRX Series 72″ toolbox, purchased through us in the spring. John posted the photo above and writes:

“Just unboxed my new toolbox! Extreme Tools. Wow it is so nice I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’ve never seen anyone with this brand. But if your in the market for a new box this is 3x the box for the money compared to anything else. Very impressed. I’ll leave the website I got it on they have the best prices trust me I researched for about a month. And free shipping!!!”

What a great endorsement of this toolbox! And as another added testimonial to the top quality of this box, here is part of the posted comment below the post:

Person#1: That thing looks just like a snap on lol [he posted photo of a snap on box]

Our customer: They are very close and in some ways they are rated better than snapon. And 1/4 the price

Person#1: Ya that box I pictured above is 7 grand

Our customer: Ya this one is the exact same as a classic 96 for $1900 they have one just like the epic line for $3200 I think. Where I bought this they don’t have sales tax and free shipping so crazy.

More info on this 72″ rolling toolbox, about the CRX Series toolboxes and how they compare to Extreme Tools.

Recessed Motorcycle Lift Table Pics (Elevator 1800)

Chris in Lowell, MA recessed his Elevator 1800 lift table into the floor! A great way to save space – it looks awesome!

He says of the lift, “It works nice and smooth as Bob said it would. I am not a mechanic but enjoy wrenching on my own toys. I research for a while, as everyone does these days, before pulling the trigger on this purchase and am very confident I made the right choice. Lift is to quality and Bob was accommodating, great customer service.”

We want to offer a few tips if you are thinking about the benefits of a recessed motorcycle lift table. We recommend you feel confident in where you choose to place the hole for the lift in your garage / workspace. Make sure there is proper drainage nearby (you don’t want any runoff ending up in that hole where your lift is!) and, lastly, make sure you are confident that the lift table you currently own will be one that you will have for years down the road. It’s a lot of work, drilling into concrete and measuring everything out. If you have a cheap motorcycle lift model that won’t last, you may end up upgrading to something that won’t fit the recessed space you’ve already created.

Chris’s handiwork looks great! Really nice job, Chris – thanks for the photos!

Matt’s Toolbox Set Review: Extreme Tools Side Cabinets, 72″ Roller Cabinet and Top Tool Hutch

Matt K. of GM Kohl Inc in Chelmsford, MA, sent us this AWESOME photo of his toolbox combo setup – it looks great! Matt went with 2 side lockers to outfit the roller cabinet and top tool hutch. Matt tells us he “loves the boxes” and we’re happy to hear that! Here’s a link to the tool box set (minus one side locker) that Matt purchased.

6 Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers Getting Shipped Today!

We’ve got 6 tire changers and wheel balancers shipping today – don’t miss your chance to get some great wheel service equipment before we run out! We’ve got Phoenix brand equipment that is built solidly for years of productivity. We have tire changers that include helper arms if needed, and no flex turntables in 26″ or 28″, depending on your needs. Wheel balancer includes extra accessories, including 4 cones, the largest 4 9/16″ – 7 1/8″ for larger wheel centers such as Ford F350. This particular cone is often an option with other suppliers. Come on down to the shop to get yourself a set of machines today, or buy individually. We also ship, so feel free to call if we can help you secure these nice quality tire balancers and changers.