Eastwood Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Operating Instructions + Tips

Eastwood Versa Cut Plasma Cutter Set up InstructionsOur Eastwood-designed Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter is your smartest choice for making clean, fast cuts through steel, stainless or aluminum as thin as 24-gauge, or as thick as 3/8”. Compared to mechanical cutting, our Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter works significantly faster, and makes curved and intricate cuts more easily and precisely. Inverter technology offers superior arc stability and cutting power using either 110 or 220 volts, making this a portable unit that is also light weight. A built in pilot arc system allows for instant arc striking and ease of use when cutting rusty material and expanded metal. The internal moisture separator helps to ensure clean dry air gets to the torch to give you consistent results.


The Eastwood Company (hereinafter “Eastwood”) warrants to the end user (purchaser) of all new welding and cutting equipment (collectively called the “products”) that it will be free of defects in workmanship and material. This warranty is void if the equipment has been subjected to improper installation, improper care or abnormal operations.


All warranty periods begin on the date of purchase from Eastwood. Warranty Periods are listed below, along with the products covered during those warranty periods:

3 Year Warranty on Material, Workmanship, and Defects:

Eastwood Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter

Items not covered under this warranty: Electrodes, nozzles, diffuser, and external nozzle.

All other components are covered by the warranty and will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Eastwood.

2 Years: All Welding Helmets


Purchaser must first contact Clark Heintz Tools & Equipment LLC @ 603-234-2612

Final determination of warranty on welding and cutting equipment will be made by Eastwood.


If Eastwood confirms the existence of a defect covered under this warranty plan, Eastwood will determine whether repair or replacement is the most suitable option to rectify the defect. At Eastwood’s request, the purchaser must return, to Eastwood, any products claimed defective under Eastwood’s warranty.


The purchaser is responsible for shipment to and from Eastwood.




Amperage: 14-40 Amps
Output Voltage: 96 V
Weight: 29 Lbs.
Duty Cycle: 60% @ 40 A
Overall Dimensions: 20.0″ x 9.75″ x 20.0″
Electrical Input: 110 VAC or 220 VAC
Air Requirements: 5-7 CFM @ 20-60 PSI


The rated Duty cycle refers to the amount of welding that can be done within an amount of time. The Eastwood Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter has a duty cycle of 60% at 40 Amps. It is easiest to look at your cutting time in blocks of 10 Minutes and the Duty Cycle being a percentage of that 10 Minutes. If cutting at 40 Amps with a 60% Duty Cycle, within a 10 Minute block of time you can cut for 6 Minutes with 4 Minutes of cooling for the cutter. To increase the duty cycle you can turn down the Amperage Output control.



This unit emits a powerful high voltage and extremely high temperature plasma arc of superheated air which can cause severe burns, dismemberment, electrical shock and death. Eastwood shall not be held liable for consequences due to deliberate or unintentional misuse of this product.



Before beginning, make sure the work surface is cleaned of any oils, coatings or other materials which can ignite and or emit dangerous fumes or vapors.

Molten metal is ejected away from the cutting area with significant force and speed. Make sure the entire work area is clear from flammable or easily damaged materials or objects.


The unit contains no user serviceable parts! Contact with the torch when the button is depressed will result in a serious shock and severe burns!

This device also produces High-Frequency, Radio-Frequency Emissions which can damage sensitive electronic equipment in the area. Keep all cell-phones, cameras, watches and other electronic equipment at least 6 feet away from the Power Unit and Torch.

Important Note: If you have a medical condition or pacemaker check with your doctor before using as the RF emissions may cause interference



Electrical Safety Do’s

Make sure you, your work area, and your equipment are dry.

If you are using an extension cord (not recommended), make sure it is a grounded cord in sound condition with no damage or frays, and of the correct wire gauge (minimum 12 Gauge @ 25’ maximum length)

Ensure that proper sized circuit breakers and wiring are in place prior to use: 20 Amp for 120 volt operation and 30 Amp for 240 volt operation.


Electrical Safety Dont’s

Never bypass the ground plug. Grounding is necessary for proper operation of the unit and reduces shock hazard.

Do not touch the torch tip until after the activation switch is off and the unit is UNPLUGGED.

Do not use the unit if any component should become damaged or show signs of excessive wear.


Before you begin using the Eastwood Versa Cut Plasma Cutter make sure you have the following:

A clean, dry air supply source for the torch. An air compressor capable of delivering 5-7 CFM @ 60 PSI is required. You can even use a portable air tank with regulator. The air supply must be dry and the use of a moisture trap is strongly recommended.

Eastwood recommends at a minimum a properly grounded 110-120 VAC 50/60Hz., 20 Amp circuit or 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz., 30 Amp circuit. NOTE: Unit must be grounded to work properly and safely!

A clean, safe, well-lit, dry, and well-ventilated work area

A non-flammable, long sleeve shirt or jacket

Heavy Duty Welding Gloves (Eastwood #12590 or equivalent)

Auto Darkening Welding Mask (Eastwood #13203 or glasses Eastwood #13948) to provide eye protection during cutting operations


The Eastwood Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter is voltage sensing; it will automatically operate on 110-120 VAC, 50/60Hz., or 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Our Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter is supplied with the popular NEMA 50P plug, requiring a NEMA-50R recepticle. If a 220-240 VAC, 30 Amp outlet is used a UL listed 30 Amp plug may be installed by a licensed and qualified electrician.


Remove all items from the box. Compare with list below to make sure unit is complete.

Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter
Torch and 20’ Supply Line
1′ NEMA 50 240 Volt to 120 Volt grounded adapter cord
10′ Ground Lead and clamp
Instruction Booklet
Face Shield
Extra Electrode and Nozzle


Eastwood Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter Set upAfter the desired current source is determined, be sure the proper plug is used and the appropriate circuitry and breakers are in place.

Do not plug unit in at this time and make sure the Power Switch on the left side of The Front Panel is in the OFF position. (Fig. A)

Install an air fitting compatible with your air line into the 1/4” NPT fitting on the rear of the plasma cutter. (Fig. B)

Attach the Torch Air Supply Line to the lower left of the front panel and tighten. (Fig. C)

Attach the Torch Switch Connector Cable to the Multi-Pin Connector located on the third from left of the lower front panel. (Fig. C)

Remove the black threaded knob (2nd from left) and place the terminal of the red lead over the post, then replace the knob and tighten. (Fig. C)

Attach the Ground Lead Connector to the terminal located at the lower right of the front panel. (Fig. C)


Versa cut 40 plasma cutter operation1. Before attempting to use this unit on an actual project or object of value, practice on a similar material as there is a moderate learning curve necessary before achieving proficiency in cutting.

2.Place the Ground Cable Clamp on a clean, bare area of your workpiece. Scrape, wire brush, file or grind a bare area if necessary to achieve a good ground.

3. Set the Air Pressure to the appropriate pressure with the Knob located at the upper right side of the front panel. (Fig. C) The Pressure Indicating Gauge is located directly above the Air Pressure Knob and is generally set at 30 to 60 PSI. The actual pressure required is dictated by the thickness of the metal being cut; lower pressure for thinner metals, higher pressure for thicker or harder metals.

4. Set the Output Amperage Knob (Fig. C) located at the center of the upper panel to an appropriate setting again based
on the thickness of the metal being cut; lower amperage for thinner metals, higher amperage for thicker metals. Keep in mind that “more is not always better” as too high of an amperage setting will result in overheating of the unit and excessive molten discharge from the cut.

5. Make sure all your safety gear is in place (Self-Darkening Welding Mask, Welding Gloves, non-flammable long sleeve apparel) and the area is completely free of flammable material.

6. The best results are achieved by holding the tip at a 90° angle to the cut line. (Fig. D)

7. To begin cutting, depress the Torch Trigger to ignite the pilot arc. The tip of the torch must be touching or within a short distance to the work piece to begin the cut.

8. With practice, you will be able to exercise precise control over this extremely powerful device, harnessing its energy to create clean, precise and intricate cuts in many forms of steel and iron up to 3/8” thick.

9. While you practice, experiment with different speeds. You will find that thinner materials will allow a faster motion while thicker materials will require a slower motion to achieve a through cut.

10. A good form of practice is to attempt a series of straight lines while creating the cleanest edge possible with a minimum of molten material remaining on the cut edge. This minimizes the cleanup of the edge with a grinder or file. Another excellent technique is to practice cutting your initials out of a piece of steel.


Danger: Plasma Arc consists of superheated, electrified air which will quickly and violently vaporize almost anything in its path.

Plasma Cutter 40 Amp Eastwood Care and Maintenance TorchCARE AND MAINTENANCE

It is extremely important that the air supply be clean and dry. A separate moisture trap, water/oil separator or desiccant system should be used. The Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter has a built-in “last-chance” moisture separator which requires draining each time you have completed work with the unit. This feature is located on the underside rear corner and is drained by keeping the unit level and gently pulling down on the drain fitting. (Fig. E)

•Constantly inspect the torch tip for excessive erosion, molten metal accumulation or burning. If damaged, it must be replaced.

•Before each use, inspect ALL electrical connections, cables, supply line, torch, air supply, housing and controls for damage. If any damage or wear is noted, DO NOT USE THE UNIT.

• Always store the unit in a safe, clean and dry environment


The Eastwood Versa Cut Plasma Cutter has a number of consumable parts that will need to be replaced over time. If
wear or slag build up is noticed on any of the torch components, replace them immediately to avoid damage to the torch. Worn components will also contribute to poor cutting and difficult arc starting. See the torch components (Fig. F) exploded view for a reference of all of the components and the assembly order.


• The entire unit shuts off during use, switch is in the “on” position:

-The unit has overheated from exceeding the duty cycle and the internal thermal protection circuitry has been activated. Turn the main power switch off, wait several minutes to allow cooling then turn power switch back on. The unit is ready for service.
-The power switch is on, the indicator light is illuminated, the fan is running however when the Torch activation button is depressed, there is no sound from the Pilot Arc Igniter and there is no air flow:

-Check all connections. A loose connection will prevent Torch activation.
-Check for damaged lines, Torch or Torch Tip.
-Make sure there is sufficient air flow & pressure. (30 to 60 PSI)

• The power switch is on, the indicator light is illuminated, the fan is running however when the Torch activation button is depressed, there is airflow through the torch but no sound from the Pilot Arc Igniter:

-Check all connections. A loose connection will prevent Torch activation.
-Check for damaged lines, Torch or Torch Tip.
-Inspect the Torch Tip for damage, excessive molten material build-up or excessive burning. Replace if necessary.

• The power switch is on, the indicator light is illuminated, the fan is running and when the Torch activation button is depressed, there is airflow through the torch, the Pilot Arc Igniter is activating however a plasma arc cannot be started:

-Check all connections. A loose connection will prevent Torch activation.
-Check for damaged lines, Torch or Torch Tip.
-Inspect the Torch Tip for damage, excessive molten material build-up or excessive burning. Replace if necessary.
-Input voltage is too low or too high (below 110V or above 240V).
-Air pressure is too low or too high. (below 30 PSI or above 60 PSI), Adjust to proper pressure.

•The Pilot Arc is spattering:

-Lower air pressure to 60 PSI or below.
-Replace the nozzle and electrode in the torch.


#12811 – Plasma Cutter Torch Assembly
#12812 – Electrode 10-Pack
#12814 – Nozzle 10-Pack
#13787 – External Nozzle
#13788 – Air Diffuser


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Mig Welders: Comparing Eastwood vs. Lincoln

“What we’re going to do today is talk about Mig Welders, and in particular, our MIG135. Now recently we’ve had some inquiries about other units looking identical to ours, and they may. There’s other units out there that look alike with the face, your different adjustment knobs, the switch. But we can’t guarantee the performance or the weld quality of those units, but what we can do is we can guarantee the performance of our unit equivalent to the industry leader. This here happens to be the Lincoln MigPack 10. This is one of the most popular 110v Mig Welders on the market.

“What I want to do is show you some of the differences and some of the similarities between these two units. The Eastwood welder has infinitely adjustable wire speed. It lets you tailor the speed to the material and the voltage output- same with the Lincoln unit.

“The Lincoln unit, however, for the heat settings has just a 4 position switch here, while what we have on our unit is infinitely adjustable heat position and voltage. What this does is it allows you to dial it down for that thin sheet metal to patch panels and then also bring it back up to cover any thicker materials in your carbons and your stainless steels.

“So what we’re going to do now is show you these machines welding identical materials at identical settings and let you guys see for yourself the weld bead quality, the penetration, smooth wire feed and ease of use.

“What we’ve got here is some 1018 3/16 gauge steel. We’re going to do lap welds on both of the units. First one we’re going to do is the Lincoln Mig Pack 10. This is the torch cabling coming right out of the unit. And then right after that we’re going to stop and pick up the Eastwood Mig135, go ahead and run the same 1 1/2″, maybe 2″ long bead.


“As you can see, pretty much equivalent between the Lincoln and the Eastwood, both in weld bead quality and also in penetration of the substrates.”

Lincoln MIG welder vs. Eastwood MIG welder

Video Courtesy of Eastwood.com

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50 Reviews of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift!

We’ve officially received our 50th REVIEW OF THE PRO 1200 MOTORCYCLE LIFT! We’re very excited to have reached this milestone and we couldn’t have done it without our customers. Thank you to each and every one of you for letting us know what you think about the products, us and our service. It is great to have feedback to work with and we’ve appreciated all of your efforts to let us know your thoughts! Many of you have sent photos of your bike on the lift, as well. This is has been a wonderful addition to our website. We have a link set up on our lift pages named “Customer Photos” and it’s fun for us to see what you are riding, as well as a great resource for those in the market for a lift. We thank you for sharing these photos.

So without further adieu…

Thanks to Jim M., of Windsor, Virginia for this review of the PRO motorcycle lift table!

“Hi Clark,

I received the Pro 1200 motorcycle lift today. Wow, I am super-impressed — this lift exceeded my expectations. I used to work in a motorcycle shop, and this is just as solid — if not better — than the lifts we had there.

I called a buddy over to see it. He has another brand (I won’t mention the name) which is not made as well as this one. He’s mad at me for showing it to him, because now he hates his lift more than he already did!

Another friend of mine had one of the “foot pump” lifts, but his hydraulic pump broke in less than a year and he can’t find replacement parts for it. I told him never to buy that one, anyway.

Thank you very much for everything. Your customer service is as top-notch as your product!


For more info on the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift, please visit: http://www.nhproequip.com/pro-1200max-motorcycle-lift-package-free-shipping

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Harley Davidson Bikes Like the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift!

We want to give a shout out to Michael Hebert, down in Massachusetts, for posting pics of his HD ’86 Sportster and ’12 Street Glide on the PRO 1200 Bike Lift. They look great! Michael also commented about the lift, “I love my lift. Have used it for a lot more than just my bikes.”

We’re glad you are getting lots of use out of the lift! And please feel free to send along pics of your other vehicles, too!

'86 Sportster gets a lift2012 Street Glide on lift table

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Big Bear Chopper on Handy Lift with PRO Extension

“Thanks Clark Heintz for the table extension, Made getting the Big Bear on my Handy air table a breeze !!!
-Ron B.

Handy Motorcycle Lift with PRO ExtensionThanks to Ron for posting this pic to Facebook!

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Phoenix PWB1530 Wheel Balancer Reviewed by Dave Ducharme’s Auto Sales

Thanks to Ron @ Dave Ducharme’s Auto Sales in Lowell, Massachusetts for his review of the Phoenix PWB-1530 Wheel Balancer:

“The wheel balancer is perfect for us.  We do auto repairs so use it probably less than ten times a week so we didn’t want to by a real expensive one.  We are very happy with the purchase.”

Visit this Phoenix Wheel Balancing Machine here.


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Do you offer tire and wheel service at your shop?

Phoenix Wheel Balancer shown at Ballistic Motor Sports

Phoenix Wheel Balancer at Ballistic Motorsports in Bow, NH

It is necessary to provide tire and wheel service even though it may not be the most common service you provide.

Where do you draw the line with how much money you spend on tire and wheel service equipment? As equipment providers, it is important for us to sell high-end production equipment, but in many cases it is also necessary to provide low cost quality equipment for those who do low to mid level tire and wheel service.

Whether it be an F350 wheel you need to service or a medium to small vehicle, like a Honda a Civic, Phoenix Auto Equipment machines are capable of doing both for a fraction of the price.

Just like all the major wheel service equipment manufacturers have realized the need to manufacture less expensive machines for those who provide the tire and wheel service, but it isn’t their main market, we have also recognized that there is a range of needs for garages and auto body shops.

Visit Phoenix Auto Equipment Here.

Visit Cemb Wheel Service Equipment Here.

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Greg at Smokin Cycles Submits Review and Photos of PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Thanks to Greg @ Smokin Cycles in Allentown, PA for the great photos from his shop that he submitted to us via Facebook. The first pic is a custom Harley Davidson, built from the ground up, and the second one is a Kawasaki zx7s having some work done while elevated by the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift!

Greg’s Review of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift:

“Best lift I have used in the 13 years as a motorcycle tech. And I have worked for some of the best shops in Fla. before moving to Allentown, PA.”

Custom Harley buildt from the ground up at SmokinCycles,  Allentown, PA





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Motorcycle Rides, Rallies, and Events – U.S. and Canada – September 2014

September 1, 2014

9/1/14 - Cages 6th Annual Labor Day Bike Show – Vandalia, IL
9/1/14 – Matthews Auto Reunion & Motorcycle Show – Matthews, NC

September 4, 2014

9/4/14 – Twin Peaks 501 Bike Night – Little Rock, AR
9/4 – 7 – Roar to the Shore – Wildwood Motorcycle Rally – Wildwood, NJ
9/4 – 7 – Copperhead Run Rally – Spavinaw, OK

September 5, 2014

9/5 – 6 – 4th Annual Rollin Rumble Rally – Pine Mountain, GA
9/5 – 6 – St Croix Valley Riders 24th Annual Chili Feed – Ellsworth, WI
9/5 – 7 – Texas ABATE 2nd Annual State Rally – Decatur, TX
9/5 – 7 – 25th Annual MJM Fall Gathering – Horsham, PA
9/5 – 7 – Old Bastards Vintage Motorcycle Rally – Delta, ON, CAN

September 6, 2014

9/6/14 – The Ride – Andover, KS
9/6/14 – 2nd Annual River Run – Shawnee, OK
9/6/14 – 2nd Annual Ride To Remember – Saint Charles, IL
9/6/14 – 9-11 Memorial Poker Run – Lake Elsinore, CA
9/6/14 – Ride for Vets – Richmond, VI
9/6/14 – Hogs for Dogs Rescue Ride! – Franktown, CO
9/6/14 – Hot Rods and Bike show – Weed, CA
9/6/14 – Red White & Blue Dice Run – Middleburg, FL
9/6/14 – Rockstar Chrome Ride & Party – Hutchinson, MN
9/6/14 – Jailbreak Poker Run – Trenton, MO
9/6/14 – 6th Annual Team Micky Ward Charities Bike Run and BBQ – Milford, MA
9/6/14 – Motorcycle & Hot Rod Rally – Waltham, MA
9/6/14 – Paw Paw Grape Escape Motorcycle Ride for Great Lakes Burn Camp – Paw Paw, MI
9/6/14 – 7th Annual Recovery Ride – Indianapolis, IN
9/6/14 – Combat Veteran’s Motorcycle Association’s Annual Poker Run – Savannah, GA
9/6/14 – Hiway Memorial Run – Hesperia, CA
9/6/14 – Inaugural 4BR Relay for Life Road Rally – Broomfield, CO
9/6/14 – Support a Warrior Memorial Poker Run – Littleton, CO
9/6/14 – We Care We Ride in support of the CA Pregnancy Care Centre – Red Deer, AL CAN
9/6/14 – 23rd Annual Rusty’s Ride Charity Poker Run – Xenia, OH
9/6/14 – MillerCoors U.A.W. 2308 10th Annual Veterans Benefit ride – Trenton, OH
9/6/14 – Dee Hickle Wagar Cancer Benefit Poker Run – Fostoria, OH
9/6/14 – 3rd Annual Dice Run Benefit – Altoona, PA
9/6/14 – Seymour Grass Drags – Seymour, WI
9/6/14 – Cruisin’ for a Cure – Biscay, MN
9/6/14 – Jason Frye 9th Annual Memorial Ride – Shermans Dale, PA
9/6/14 – Cruise for Kids – Benefit for Abused and Neglected Children – Lewisburg, PA
9/6/14 – 3rd Annual Scavenger Hunt & Trivia Contest. – San Marcos, CA
9/6/14 – Ride to End Suicide – Kaukauna, WI
9/6/14 – Steven B. Adams FOP Lodge 174 Poker Run – Vevay, IN
9/6/14 – MoHawk Less Cancer gives Back Code 3 for a Cure – Gages Lake, IL
9/6/14 – 10th Annual Dice Run Benefiting Spina Bifida of Kentucky – Louisville, KY
9/6/14 – 7th Annual Children’s Ride for a Miracle – Wake Forest, NC
9/6/14 – Ride for the Red – Pratt, KS
9/6/14 – Ride to End Suicide – Kaukaun, AL
9/6/14 – Lansdale Bike Night – Lansdale, PA
9/6/14 – Sabretti’s Abretti’s Best Bike Awards Event – Hopatcong, NJ
9/6/14 – Kristi’s Krusaders 5th Annual Rally for the Walk – Milano, TX
9/6/14 – 13th Annual Lakeland Hospice Ride – Fergus Falls, MN
9/6/14 – 6th Annual Ricky’s Ride Memorial Ride and Bike Rodeo – Darlington, MD
9/6/14 – Ride For The Breath Of Life – Beamsville, ON, CAN
9/6/14 – Detective Chuck Smith Annual Memorial Ride – Beckley, WV
9/6/14 – Piedmont Club 2nd Annual Project Gifts for Elk County Bike Run – Johnsonburg, PA
9/6/14 – Pig Cook and Hog Run – Halls, TN
9/6/14 – 8th Annual East End Fire Dept Poker Run – Mercer, PA
9/6/14 – Rolling Thunder, Inc Chapter 5 OH Poker Run – Mt Gilead, OH
9/6/14 – 2nd Annual Veteran’s Monument Run – Pepperell, MA
9/6/14 – Ride 4 Paws. 1st Annual Ride for the Monadnock Humane Society – Swanzey, NH
9/6/14 – Sgt. Gary Scott Annual Memorial Ride – Rankin, IL
9/6/14 – Third Annual Ride for Babies to Benefit The March of Dimes – Demorest, GA
9/6/14 – 2nd Annual Bikers Razin’ Against Heroin – Frederick, MD
9/6/14 – Thunder At The Falls Carol’s Ride For ALS Lou Gehrig’s Disease – Trumansburg, NY
9/6/14 – Wheels and Wags Annual Car, Motorcycle & Truck Show – Lawn, PA
9/6 – 7/14 – 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Plunge Run – Colorado Springs, CO

September 7, 2014

9/7/14 – Guide Dog Dice Run – Manotick, ON, CAN
9/7/14 – 10th Annual All Patriots Run – Lakewood, CO
9/7/14 – Bikers for Babies – Martin, MI
9/7/14 – Liberty Ride – West Palm Beach, FL
9/7/14 – Lost Wheels Motorcycle Club Poker Run – Fishkill, NY
9/7/14 – Tulsa Motorcycle Swap Meet – Tulsa, OK
9/7/14 – 4th Annual Ride for Nathan – Manchester, NH
9/7/14 – 7th Annual Sgt. Jan Argonish Ride – Dalton, PA
9/7/14 – Ruch Family Benefit – Searles, MN
9/7/14 – American Legion Riders Poker Run – Wapakoneta, OH
9/7/14 – Hogs for Dogs and Kitties Too – Northbrook, IL
9/7/14 – 2014 Tri County Riders Annual Toy Run – Burlington, WI
9/7/14 – Ride for Alzheimer’s – West Milford, NJ
9/7/14 – Legion Riders 10th Annual Poker Run – Wapakoneta, OH
9/7/14 – 2nd Annual Emilee Boyman Motorcycle Run for Rett Research – Bristol, RI
9/7/14 – NIATA Annual Poker Run for Veterans Build – Valparaiso, IN
9/7/14 – Motorcycle Pig Roast – Acushnet, MA
9/7/14 – American Legion Post 265 First Annual Pig Roast Poker Run – Acushnet, MA
9/7/14 – Pontiac Warthos M-C 3rd Annual Poker Run – Clarkston, MI
9/7/14 – A Ride to Remember – McHenry, IL
9/7/14 – American Legion Riders, Chapter 18, Legacy Ride – Dedham, MA
9/7/14 – United States Marines Toys for Tots Motorcycle Ride and BBQ – Stroudsburg, PA
9/7/14 – Ride for Health & Heroes – Danville, IN
9/7/14 – Dog Tags – Albany, NY
9/7/14 – 5th Annual Run for the Vet’s – Bridgeview, IL
9/7 – 8/14 – Highlander Iron Horse Rally – Kelso, WA

September 10, 2014

9/10 – 13/14 – 7th. Annual Scooting The Ozarks – Eureka Springs, AR
9/10 – 14/14 – Ride to Washington DC – Belmont, OH

September 11, 2014

9/11/14 – 8th Annual Remember The Troops Ride – Bakersfield, CA
9/11/14 – Twin Peaks 501 Bike Night – Little Rock, AR
9/11/14 – Eagle Riders – Bike night 2014 – Bridgewater, NJ
9/11/14 – 911 Benghazi Memorial Ride – Columbus, NC
9/11- 13/14 – ATR National Rendezvous – Harrison, AR
9/11 – 14/14 – The Texas Rally – Lyons, TX

September 12, 2014

9/12/14 – 3rd Annual POW MIA Missing Man Motorcycle Run – Gaithersburg, MD
9/12 – 14 - Christian Motorcyclists Association Illinois State Rally – Wapella, IL
9/12 – 14 – Thunder in the Smokies Fall Motorcycle Rally – Maggie Valley, NC
9/12 – 14 – Kawasaki Devil’s Showdown presented by iON – Millville, NJ
9/12 – 14 – 271 Biker Rally – Tyler, TX
9/12 – 14 – Home Of The Brave Rally – Springfield, MO
9/12 – 14 – Bike at the Spike – Ogden, UT
9/12 – 14 – 8th Annual Brazos Biker Bash – Axtell, TX

September 13, 2014

9/13/14 – V-Twins for Vets Poker Run & Pig Roast – Charlevoix, MI
9/13/14 – Gregg Rhine Memorial Poker Run – Niles, OH
9/13/14 – Ride for a Cause – Harrisburg, PA
9/13/14 – 10th Annual Jason Burnett Memorial USO Benefit Ride – Kissimmee, FL
9/13/14 – 5th Annual Warrior Thunder Motorcycle Ride – Millis, MA
9/13/14 – Relay for Life of Warren, Poker Run – Warren, OH
9/13/14 – Tattooing for Autism 3 – Atlantic Highlands, NJ
9/13/14 – Annual Poker Run to Benefit the Vets – Spotswood, NJ
9/13/14 – 1st Annual Hope for a Child Run – Old Bridge, NJ
9/13/14 – Sonic Drive-In Bike Night – Lawrenceville, GA
9/13/14 – Nick’s Mile of Quarters Poker Run – Whiting, NJ
9/13/14 – Ocean County Roughnecks Poker Run – Whiting, NJ
9/13/14 – Inland Empire Poker Run – Mentone, CA
9/13/14 – Stars-N-Stripes Hold’em Run – Winchester, CA
9/13/14 – NKY Ride Against Addiction – Crittenden, KY
9/13/14 – The Wild Ride for Heroes – Durham, Burlington, Danville, Greensboro, NC
9/13/14 – Roseville American Legion Riders – Roseville, OH
9/13/14 – Ninth Annual Ride of Hope – Lima, OH
9/13/14 – Ride for Zach – Hudson, NH
9/13/14 – Taylor’s Tavern 1st Annual ALS Poker Run – Springfield, OH
9/13/14 – Ride through Hell and Back for Jameson – Howell, MI
9/13/14 – Ride for Literacy – Bloomington, IL
9/13/14 – 3rd Annual HD Hogan’s Hero Ride – Seymour, IN
9/13/14 – Scoot to Boot Alzheimer’s – Bowling Green, KY
9/13/14 – Ride for Special Needs – Lawrenceville, GA
9/13/14 – 1st Annual Bike Run, BBQ & Dance – Madera, CA
9/13/14 – Bike Show and New Model Reveal – Sacramento, CA
9/13/14 – Mending Paws Foundation’s 5th Motorcycle Ride & BBQ – Gardner, MA
9/13/14 – Hell Bound Boogie III – Springfield, MO
9/13/14 – Northland Road Rally – Vadnais Heights, MN
9/13/14 – All Patriots Run – Plymouth, MI
9/13/14 – American Pride Run – Concord, MI
9/13/14 – Midian Shrine Kids Run – Wichita, KS
9/13/14 – Ride for the Wreath Fort Scott National Cemetery – Fort Scott, KS
9/13/14 – Victory Ride – Erie, PA
9/13/14 – Ravens Ride 4 Rescues – Poker Run – Tijeras, NM
9/13/14 – 4th Annual Diaper Ride – Marietta, GA
9/13/14 – S.C.A.R.s Poker Run – Blue Springs, MO
9/13/14 – 4th Annual MC Run for FOWA’s Homeless Paws – Rochelle Park, NJ
9/13/14 – St Thomas- London Law Enforcement Torch Ride for Special Olympics – Aylmer, ON, CAN
9/13/14 – San Diego Wounded Vets Run – San Diego, CA
9/13/14 – Seminole County Fallen Heroes Memorial Ride – Wewoka, OK
9/13/14 – Answers for Adalyn – Pendleton, IN
9/13/14 – Shop with a Hero Poker Run – Poplar Bluff, MO
9/13/14 – Ride for the Red – Topeka, KS
9/13/14 – Music & Motorcycles – Zephyrhills, FL
9/13/14 – Midian Shrine Kids Run – Wichita, KS
9/13/14 – Harvest Moon Bike Run – Round Hill, Alberta, CANADA
9/13/14 - Sabretti’s Abretti’s Best Bike Awards Event – Hopatcong, NJ
9/13/14 – Give a Gift of Breath Ride for Pulmonary Fibrosis – Hooksett, NH
9/13/14 – Fifth Annual Wounded Warrior Project Charity Ride, – Newnan, GA
9/13/14 – Charity Poker Run – Norristown, PA
9/13/14 – River Rally – Paducah, KY
9/13/14 – 9 11 Memorial Ride – Morehead City, NC
9/13/14 – 5th Annual Ridin For Wojo Benefit Ride – Cincinnati, OH
9/13/14 – 3rd Annual Ride with a Mission Rally – Cleveland, OH
9/13/14 – 3rd Annual Bikers For Heroes – Anna, TX
9/13/14 – 2nd Annual Drew Bates Poker Run – Ashland, OH
9/13/14 – Cycles for a Cure Charity Fun Run – Kennedale , TX
9/13/14 – Texas Gatorfest Rumble On The Swamp – Anahuac, TX
9/13/14 – Paws for the Cause – East Smithfield, PA
9/13/14 – Omaha Rollergirls 5th Annual Poker Run and Bike Show – Pacific Junction, IA
9/13 – 14/14 – Catskill Mountain Thunder – East Durham, NY
9/13/14 – V-Twins for Vets Poker Run & Pig Roast – Charlevoix, MI

September 14, 2014

9/14/14 – 4th Annual Detective John M. Falcone Memorial Ride – Poughkeepsie, NY
9/14/14 – 3rd Annual Tom Estes Memorial Motorcycle Run – Swansea, MA
9/14/14 – Ride for Sadie – Lunenburg, MA
9/14/14 – 3rd Annual Poker Run and Pig Roast – Lakewood, NJ
9/14/14 – 21th Annual Elvis Run – Rockaway, NJ
9/14/14 – Weird Ride – Shamong, NJ
9/14/14 – Ells 1st Annual Bike and Poker Run – Nanticoke, PA
9/14/14 – Baltimore Washington Ride for Kids – Ellicott City, MA
9/14/14 – 6th Annual Chic’s Ride – Charlton, MA
9/14/14 – Amazing 2 Wheel Chase – Richmond, VI
9/14/14 – Battle of the Brits – Milford, MI
9/14/14 – I & I Firefighters 911 Memorial Ride – Danville, IL
9/14/14 – Xan of Steel Benefit Ride for Camp Can-Do – Gettysburg, PA
9/14/14 – Miles for Myles – Attleboro, MA
9/14/14 – 8th Annual Ride For Alex – Freetown, MA
9/14/14 – Every Dollar Feeds Kids Poker Run – Wolcott, CT
9/14/14 – NFHOG Postate Cancer Dice Run – North Tonawanda, NY
9/14/14 – Let’s Roll 911 Memorial Ride – Dallas, TX
9/14/14 – Chaps for Charity Poker Run – Pittsburgh, PA
9/14/14 – 4th Annual Never Forgotten Run – Chepachet, RI

September 17, 2014

9/17 -21/14 – Bainbridge Bikefest Inc. – Bainbridge, GA

September 18, 2014

9/18/14 – Twin Peaks 501 Bike Night – Little Rock, AK
9/18 – 21 – Dark Corner Rumble Rally – Taylors, SC
9/18 – 21 – Thunder on Tobacco Road – Seven Springs, NC

September 19, 2014

9/19/14 – Escort: Shelby County Vets to DC – Sidney, OH
9/19 – 21 – 37th Colorado Motorcycle Fall Expo – Denver, CO
9/19 – 21 – Smith Wilson Stones River Cmt Abate Finals Field Events – Lebanon, TN
9/19 – 21 – Rumble on the River – Bandera, TX
9/19 – 21 – 23rd Annual Big Roy’s Swamp Meet and Bike Show – Sylvania, GA
9/19 – 21 – The Fall Classic 2014 – Hartsville, SC
9/19 – 21 – 37th Colorado Motorcycle Fall Expo – Denver, CO
9/19 – 21 – Thunder Valley Rally – Cottonwood, AZ

September 20, 2014

9/20/14 – 1st Annual Veterans Honor Ride – Lafayette, IN
9/20/14 – Evan Adams Memorial Benefit Ride – Louisa, VI
9/20/14 – 7th Annual Ride to Rock Out Alzheimer’s – Southern Pines, NC
9/20/14 – Honor Ride for Warriors – Bremo Bluff, VA
9/20/14 - 2nd Annual Memorial Bike Run 2014 – Ride for a Voice – Walnutport, PA
9/20/14 – Ride for Freedom – Mount Vernon, MO
9/20/14 – 3rd Annual Motorcycle Run to Fight Hunger – Stirling, NJ
9/20/14 – Justice4pakids Ride 4 kids – Malvern, PA
9/20/14 – 3rd Annual Watson Street Classic Cycle Show – Ripon, WI
9/20/14 - Sabretti’s Abretti’s Best Bike Awards Event – Hopatcong, NJ
9/20/14 – Hogs for Hooters Indy – Indianapolis, IN
9/20/14 – The Big Event 2014 – Fairfield, OO
9/20/14 – Greater Toledo Challenger Baseball 2nd Annual Poker Run – Maumee, OH
9/20/14 – The Happy Hour Bar Poker Run – Elyria , OH
9/20/14 – 3rd Annual Ride for the Veterans at King – Appleton, WI
9/20/14 – Ride for Alzheimer’s – Lake Geneva, WI
9/20/14 – Kentucky Kick Down – Louisville, KY
9/20/14 – 4th Annual American Heroes Ride – Wayland, Rockford, Grand Haven, and Caledonia, MI
9/20/14 – Grayson County Fox Tail Ride – Independence, VA
9/20/14 – Annual Poker Run and Picnic – Manassas, VA
9/20/14 – 5th Annual Eva’s Tour for a Cure – Christiana, PA
9/20/14 – Ride 4 Dakotah – Mechanicsburg, PA
9/20/14 – 2014 HOG Motorcycle Rally – Seaside Heights, NJ
9/20/14 – 5th Annual Logan Stroud Memorial Ride – Concord, NC
9/20/14 – Fire Department Fund Raiser – Greensburg, KY
9/20/14 – Bikers for Babies – Jacksonville, FL
9/20/14 – Annual Adam Morefield Poker Run – Winchester, KY
9/20/14 – VFW Post 1795 5th Annual Poker Run – Bridgeton, NJ
9/20/14 – The Heart Havens Ride for Independence – Ashland, VA
9/20/14 – Officer Down Memorial Ride – Morehead City, NC
9/20/14 – 7th P.O.W. M.I.A, Weekend Poker Run – Oroville, CA
9/20/14 – 14th Annual Poker Run with the Barrow Co Sheriff’s Office – Winder, GA
9/20/14 – Big Bend Bike Rally – Great Bend, KS
9/20/14 – Prayer Run – Black Rock, AR
9/20/14 – 2nd Annual PRC Charity Ride – Caledonia, MI
9/20/14 – Ride for the Roof Poker Run – Cloquet, MN
9/20/14 – 4th Annual VFW Fun Run – Lewisville, TX
9/20/14 – Greater Lakes Bike Ride – Pierz, MN
9/20/14 – American Legion Chapter 180 Poker Run – Hebron, NE
9/20/14 – Fall Flood Run 45th Annual – Lakeland, MN
9/20/14 – Operation Troop Support 3rd Annual Ride For Our Troops – Middleton, MA
9/20/14 – Poker Run for Parkinson – Canute, OK
9/20/14 – Rebel Hawgs Ride to H-D Museum VIP Tour – Woodstock, IL

September 21, 2014

9/21/14 – St. Augustine Flea Market Motorcycle Swapmeet – St. Augustine, FL
9/21/14 – 6th Annual Poker Ride for MS – Windsor, Ontario, CANADA
9/21/14 – Magic of Christmas Motorcycle Toy Run – Calgary, Alberta, CANADA
9/21/14 – Parking Lot Swap Meet – Deer Park, TX
9/21/14 – 12th Annual Biker Sunday – Line Lexington, PA
9/21/14 – Jon Just Get ‘ER Done Memorial Motorcycle Ride – Chaska, MN
9/21/14 – Ride for Freedom XIX – Roselle, NJ
9/21/14 – Rockaway Twnshp Unico Charity Motorcycle Run for the Kids – Rockaway Township, NJ
9/21/14 – 3rd Annual Journey Home Ride – Richmond, VA
9/21/14 – RoadChasers Annual Bike Show Event – Manteno, IL
9/21/14 – 1st Annual Chelsea Hutchison Foundation Poker Run – Littleton, CO
9/21/14 – Ride for the Troops – Dartmouth, MA
9/21/14 – Run for the Roses – Whitman, MA
9/21/14 – Poker Run Benefit for Cam – Canton, OH
9/21/14 – Deputy Roger Rice 3rd Annual Memorial Ride – Clinton, SC
9/21/14 – Ride 4 Avi – Summit, NJ
9/21/14 – Ride With Pride – Newark, NY
9/21/14 – Helping Me Help Them – Millheim, PA
9/21/14 – 999 The Hawk Bike Nights at McDonalds – Schnecksville, PA
9/21/14 – San Diego Ride for Kids – Cardiff, CA
9/21/14 – Youth Advocate Services 4th Annual Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Show – Grandview, OH
9/21/14 – Youth Advocate Services 4th Annual Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show – Grandview, OH

September 25, 2014

9/25 – 28 – H20 Rally in the Crater – Mt. Enterprise, TX
9/25/14 – Bikes & Babes by the Bay – Tampa, FL
9/25/14 - Twin Peaks 501 Bike Night – Little Rock, AR
9/25 – 27 – Gold Wing Road Riders Oklahoma District Convention – Shawnee, OK

September 26, 2014

9/26/14 – Round Up for Autism Parade – Fort Worth, TX
9/26 – 28 – Hawg Wild – Chireno, TX

September 27, 2014

9/27/14 – Zach’s 2nd Annual 2′s for Diabetes – Rockville, MD
9/27/14 – 4th Annual Hawgs 4 Hope Dice Run – Gray, GA
9/27/14 – 5th Annual Katye’s Helping Hands Fall Foliage Run – Camp Hill, PA
9/27/14 – Annual All Patriots Ride – Lexington, KY
9/27/14 – NJ PBA 50 Roar Along the Shore – Sea Girt, NJ
9/27/14 – The Legend Sparkles Poker Run – Auburn, GA
9/27/14 – 9th Annual Valley Forge Vol. Fire Co. Poker Run – King of Prussia, PA
9/27/14 – Think Pink Poker Run – New Carlisle, OH
9/27/14 - Sabretti’s Abretti’s Best Bike Awards Event – Hopatcong, NJ
9/27/14 – 3rd Annual Save Second Base Ride for Breast Cancer – Manchester, NH
9/27/14 – Fuel the Miracles Car & Bike Show – Benefits Dayton Children’s Hosp. – Moraine, OH
9/27/14 – 8th Annual Cheyenne’s Rally – San Angelo, TX
9/27/14 – East Texas Burn Run – Gladewater, TX
9/27/14 – Blaine Billinger Polka Run 2014 – Hays, KS
9/27/14 – CVMA 3-5 9th Annual Open Range Run – Peyton, CO
9/27/14 – Ride for The Girls – Delano, MN
9/27/14 – Honor & Remember Poker Run – Shreve, OH
9/27/14 – 9th Annual Ride for the Ribbon – Washington, PA
9/27/14 – Crusin’ for Cars – Warren, PA
9/27/14 – Adventure Bags, Inc 3rd Annual Motorcycle Ride – Bogart, GA, GA
9/27/14 – Ride for the Kids – Bay Minette, AL
9/27/14 – Veterans Ride Home & Bike Bash! – Manchester, NH
9/27/14 - 26th Annual Valpo-Fest Motorcycle-Car Show & Swap Meet – Valparaiso, IN
9/27/14 – Cruising for C.A.S.A. – Newnan, GA
9/27/14 – Annual Valdosta Elks Lodge Poker Run – Valdosta, GA
9/27/14 – Alee Shrine Pirate Unit 21st Annual Poker Run – Savannah, GA
9/27/14 – Cruise For A Cause: Motorcycle Ride and Poker Run – Bel Air, MD
9/27/14 – Ridin to a Cure – Oconomowoc, WI
9/27/14 – 2014 Thomas Brenner Memorial Run – Freehold, NJ
9/27/14 – Jackhammer Poker Run – Parlin, NJ
9/27/14 – KCK Special Olympics Motorcycle Chicken Run – Bonner Springs, KS
9/27/14 – Mark Vogel memorial bbq Mc run – Secaucus, NJ
9/27/14 – Northern Utah Teddy Bear Run – Logan, Brigham City, Malad , UT
9/27/14 – 7th Annual American Legion Riders Chapter 283 Poker Run – Jacksonville, FL
9/27/14 – Olivia’s Ride – Marlborough, MA
9/27/14 – 9th Annual Valley Forge Vol. Fire Co. Poker Run – King of Prussia, PA
9/27/14 – Joey’s Ride 7th Annual – Peachtree City, GA
9/27/14 – Operation 300 Poker Run – Chesapeake, VI

September 28, 2014

9/28/14 – Jason’s Friends Foundation Motorcycle Ride & Car Show – Clark, NJ
9/28/14 – 11th Annual Robs Pre Winter Poker Run – Millville, NJ
9/28/14 – Woodstock Harley-Davidson Dealer Ride to Starved Rock – Woodstock, IL
9/28/14 – 8th Roaring Thunder Motorcycle Ride – East Hartford, CT
9/28/14 – Emily’s Parade – Littleton, CO
9/28/14 – 1st Lowell Huber Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Ride – Apple Valley, MN
9/28/14 – B.E.A.T Cancer Ride – Bradford, Ontario, CANADA
9/28/14 – R.S.D. C.R.P.S. Bike Run – Plains, PA
9/28/14 – Benefit Ride for Lutheran Home & Hospice Care – Waynesboro, PA
9/28/14 – I.U.O.E. Local 825 2nd Annual Poker Run – South Brunswick, NJ

September 30, 2014

9/30/14 – NC’s Largest Vintage Motorcycle Show -Bull City Rumble 10 – Durham, NC

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Phoenix Wheel Balancer Review from Ballistic Motorsports

Thanks to Scott at Ballistic Motorsports in Bow, New Hampshire for his review of the Phoenix PWB1530 Wheel Balancer. Glad you’ve gotten a good return on this machine!

“Got mine last week. Great product. Already making me money.”
-Scott B.
Ballistic Motorsports
Bow, NH

Scott also sent a pic of the wheel balancer set up at his shop!

Phoenix PWB1530 Wheel Balancer at Ballistic Motorsports in Bow, NH

Phoenix PWB1530 Wheel Balancer at Ballistic Motorsports in Bow, NH

Check out the Wheel Balancer here and also note the tire changer wheel balancer combos shown on this page in case you need a tire changer, too. These combo packages are exceptionally good deals… please be sure to check them out.

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