Saylor-Beall VT-735-80 5 HP Air Compressor Demo

Model VT-735-80 5 HP 2 Stage Industrial grade compressor. 705 pump, manufactured at the Saylor Beall plant – Made in the USA. Includes cast iron inner cooler, disc valves on top of the cylinder head, heavy duty intake filter. Full duty industrial grade motor with a 15% service factor, the motor runs @ 1750 RPMs, the compressor pump runs @ 845 RPMs.

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“So far the blast cabinet has been working fine. As I talked to Clark about the air fitting being metric, other than that big time saver. I have been in the auto repair for many years, it is my best experience working with local business, and is a pleasure working with Clark.”
Concord, New Hampshire


Want to learn more about this blast cabinet?

PRO SBC-350L heavy duty sandblast cabinet features a front door design and includes industrial duty blast gun.
Date Published: 03/25/2015
So far the blast cabinet has been working fine. As I talked to Clark about the air fitting being metric, other than that big time saver. I have been in the auto repair for many years, it is my best experience working with local business, and is a pleasure working with Clark.
5 / 5 stars
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Top 5 Motorcycle Street Riding Tips

Many factors can make or break a day out on the open road for a biker. Most of these tips are reasonable and, once you make them a part of your riding routine, they do not really involve a lot of effort.

1. Concentrate!
It’s important when operating any motor vehicle to have focus! This means being aware of your surroundings, mindful of the fact that changes to current conditions can happen quickly (a person or an animal crosses the road in front of you, for example). Being mindful and on alert will give you the resources you need to be ready to react to any changes in conditions, whether it be road obstructions, weather, mechanical issues, etc.

2. Slow Down!
Hey street racing can be fun, but you would be better off spending a day at the race track or some other event designed for this type of road behavior. Remember the higher the speeds, the more time it takes to stop, which means your reaction time might not allow you the space and time you need to avoid a disaster. Particularly if you are on city streets, remember there is so much going on around you and many situations that lend themselves to obscured visibility. Don’t take chances…it’s just not worth it.

3. Do a Bike Check Before you Go!
Mechanical issues are another variable – it’s recommended that riders do quick check of the basics, like checking all fluid levels, brake function, headlights, tire pressure, etc. it may mean the difference between losing control over your bike due to malfunction and finding yourself in a wreck.

4. Be Mindful of Seasonal / Surrounding Changes!
This goes hand-in-hand with point #1. Focus and concentration are so important when riding, and considering any potential issues depending on the time of year can be a big part of maintaining your safety. Do you live in deer country? Be aware of mating and hunting seasons – deer can run out into the road so fast, that you don’t have time to react. And they can not only damage your vehicle, but are potentially life-threatening forces to be reckoned with. Nature is another variable that changes conditions for riders. Do you ride near cornfields? During growing season they can get tall enough to obscure animals and even oncoming traffic particularly around curves / bends in the road.

5. Know Your Terrain, Know Your Limits!
Are you riding on unfamiliar roads? If so, proceed with caution – not being fully aware of bends in the road, or lights or even a traintrack can be dangerous, particularly if your speed starts to climb! Again, factoring wind or rain or fog or snow into the mix presents added elements of difficulty and potential hazards. Don’t be afraid to pull over if you are feeling nervous about weather conditions, and try to wait it out. It ultimately becomes not only SAFER to wait for weather to pass, but you’ll find your enjoyment level rapidly decrease when trying to navigate bad road conditions and trying to focus hard on staying safe.

Do you have any motorcycle riding safety tips you’d like to share?

Be careful, Ride Safe, and Have Fun!

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Eric shares Facebook photo: Working on a bike using PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Eric installs a Graves Carbon Fiber Exhaust, BMC Air Filter and a Guhl Re-Flash on the ECU……eric isntalls Graves Carbon Fiber Exhaust, BMC Air Filter and a Guhl Re-Flash on the ECU

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As always, we welcome customer pickups – for those of you in the New England area, save on shipping by picking up your lift!  If you are NOT located in the New England region, don’t let that stop you from calling! We have 15 locations around the United States – call us to arrange a pickup appointment.

The PRO 9000AC 2 Post lift is a 9,000 lb. capacity lift which feature a heavy-duty leaf chain, steel pulleys, high-strength cable equalization system.


9,000 lb lifting capacity
Asymmetric design
Low profile automatic arm restraints
Chain driven
Dual cylinders with low friction chain rollers
2 Stackable drop-in height adapters 1.5 and 5″
Free mounting hardware
Powder-coated paint finish
Electric override automatic safety shut-off


Lift Model:     PRO 9000AC
Capacity:     9,000 lbs.
Height Overall:    142″
Width Overall w/ Power Unit:     141″
Max Lift Height:     72″
With Tallest Adapter:     77″
Width Between Columns:    110″
Min. Pad Height:     4″
Drive Thru Clearance:    93″
Lifting Speed:       50S
Asymmetric / Symmetric:     Asymmetric
Clear Floor / Floor Plate:     Clear Floor
Short Arm Reach – min/max:  28-1/2″ – 40-3/4″
Long Arm Reach – min/max:    37-3/8″ – 57-3/8″
Cable Diameter:    3/8″
Column Size:   7-1/4″ x 10-7/8″
Column Steel Thickness:     5mm
Carriage Steel Thickness:     5mm
Arm Steel Thickness:     6mm
Ship Weight:     1,500 lbs.
Power:     220V – 20 AMP – 1 PH
Key Features:     Chain Drive; Low Profile Arms; Stackable Truck Adaptors included 1.5″ & 5″


9,000 lb. capacity 2 post lift with heavy-duty leaf chain, steel pulleys, high-strength cable equalization system. Includes Mounting Hardware.
Brand: PRO
Manufacturer: PRO
Model: 9000AC
Product ID: 9000AC
$1595.00 New
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Mig Welder Plasma Cutter Combo Shipping Review from Michael in Haverhill, MA

Thanks to Michael B. of Haverhill, MA for the great photo and his comments on the quick shipping of the Eastwood Mig Welder 175 amp and the Versa Cut 40 amp Plasma Cutter Combo:

“Ordered Sunday Night Delivered Wednesday! Big Big Thanks for great, speedy service.”.

Eastwood Mig 175 Welder and 40 Amp Plasma Cutter Combo

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Cleaning Aluminum for Welding

-Nice aluminum-cleaning methods courtesy of

Common Methods

Type of Cleaning
Welding Surfaces Only
Complete Piece

Oil, grease,
moisture, and
dust. (Use any
method listed.)

  • Wipe with mild alkaline solution.
  • Wipe with hydrocarbon solvent,
    such as acetone or alcohol.
  • Wipe with proprietary solvents.
  • Dip edges, using any of above.
  • Vapor degrease.
  • Spray degrease.
  • Steam degrease.
  • Immerse in alkaline solvent.
  • Immerse in proprietary solvents.
(Use any method
  • Dip edge in strong alkaline
    solution, then water, then
    nitric acid. Finish with water rinse.
  • Wipe with proprietary deoxidizers.
  • Remove mechanically, such as by
    wire-brushing, filing, or
    grinding. For critical applications,
    scrape all joints and
    adjacent surfaces immediately
    prior to welding.
  • Immerse in strong alkaline
    solution, then water, then
    nitric acid. Finish with water rinse.
  • Immerse in proprietary solutions.
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Review of the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift Submitted by Eric in Mooresville, North Carolina

Thanks for sharing the great comments, Eric! We’re glad you’re happy with the lift and service! We hope you continue to enjoy it!

“Very happy with the purchase and the service from Clark Heintz.

I actually purchased the lift with the side plates without checking to see that there was a special being offered.

Clark switched my order to the special that was being offered which netted me the lift, side plates, the flat jack and free shipping.

Clark even fronted me the $29.00 difference and let me pay it later after I got the lift and was satisfied with it.

The lift is well built and was easy to assemble and works great.”

Mooresville, North Carolina

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Jerry in Lake Park, Florida Sends Photo + Review of PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift

Jerry in Lake Park, Florida sent this great photo of his wife’s 2010 Harley Fatboy Lo on the PRO 1200 Motorcycle Lift. He says, “She let’s me ride it, too!”

2010 Harley Fatboy low

And, about the lift, he says: “I put it to use right away, changed front tires on two different bikes. It was delivered just a few miles from the house and I picked it up at the loading dock, it was packed real secure . It will be getting a lot of use as we have 4 motorcycles in the garage.



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4 post storage parking liftWe currently have the PRO 8000DS 4 Post Storage / Parking Lift in stock! We welcome store pickups! Our shop is located at 1298 Rte 3A in Bow, NH. Please call Clark at 603-234-2612. We also ship to commercial locations with means to offload. We have 15 locations around the U.S. Call for a pickup appointment.

Check out the PRO 8000DS 4 Post Storage Parking Lift on our website.

The safety features and durability make the “Deluxe Series” the best choice in storage/service lifts.


8,000 lb lifting capacity
Carriages completely enclosed for safety
Redundant ladder lock safety system with “auto engage” locking bar in the event of cable failure
Extra large slider blocks for added stability
10 lock positions
Aircraft quality cables rated at 14,500 lbs
18″ wide runways formed with one-piece 3/16″ non-skid diamond plate
Easy operation: Lock release handle located near power unit
Large 3″ diameter cylinder
Many options available!


Lift Model PRO 8000DS
Capacity 8,000 lbs.
Overall Length w/Ramp 207-1/8″
Overall Width (Outside Base Plates) 103-1/2″
Overall Height 86-1/4″
Lifting Height 74-3/4″
Width Between Posts 94-1/2″
Length of Runways 165-1/2″
Width of Runways 18-5/8″
Lifting Speed 90S
Max. Clearance under Track 70″
Cable Diameter 3/8″
Base Plate Size 10″ x 12″
Lock Position 10
Ship Weight 1,690 lbs.
Power 110V – 15 Amp – 1PH
Key Features Storage Lift; Cable Drive; Steel Ramps
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